Il risvolto dei pantaloni

Cari lettori,

auguro a tutti voi un inizio 2016 scintillante e carico di positività. Il mio anno è iniziato bene, anche se i pochi giorni di vacanza che mi sono concesso sono ormai giunti al termine e così, neanche il tempo di aprire la calza della befana che già si apre una nuova edizione del Pitti Immagine Uomo. (more…)

The fabulouse four…autumn is coming!

Dear reader,

As temperatures begin to take a tumble, it’s time to turn our attention to the wardrobe investments which will help us beat the cold in style. Yes, the onset of the autumn/winter season may signal red noses and flaking faces ahead, but for those who have grown tired of summer’s T-shirt-and-shorts uniform, the sudden need for layering up will come as a breath of fresh air. (more…)

Next winter don’t miss your roll neck!

Dear readers,

whether known as a roll neck (UK), turtle neck (US) or skivvy (Australia), fashion’s latest hero piece has finally shaken off its Geography teacher connotations to become a sophisticated modern must-own. Despite going through a rough patch in recent years, men have at last learned, when worn right, the roll neck can be the perfect way to dress up denim or act as a relaxed substitute for a shirt and tie. Soft, comfortable and with a touch of the seventies about it, the roll neck is a menswear classic that almost every gent should try at least once in his life.

It allows you to do without the scarf and classic version does not have buttons or, in this and are more uncomfortable to wear over their close cousins ​​with zip or buttons, such as the famous cardigan, which was designed by a British general in order not to muss the crown. Trichological stories aside, the turtleneck is unisex – although born in a man’s wardrobe – and it’s cross, putting agree adults, children, dogs and uncle Pino! It ‘made of various fabrics and knitwear resists across the seasonal trend fashionistas. Is popular with singles all over the world and from people on the trip; the reason? Its practicality, but mainly because it’s not iron – remarkable point in its favor. Under the turtleneck homo sapiens wearing a t-shirt, but the most sensitive homo elegans just can’t accept this affront to the rules, citing an idiosyncrasy for dermatological wool in contact with the upper limbs. A cure for the aforementioned aversion has been prepared within the Pitti Uomo: it trivially advised to wear a shirt under the turtleneck. Arms covered and assured touch of glamor from the tips of the collar peeking sweater. What a style!

Available at Reiss, priced £85.

Reiss Observatory Merino Wool Neck Jumper

Available at ASOS, priced £20.

ASOS Roll Neck Jumper in Twisted Yarn

Available at Suitsupply, priced £129.

Suitsupply Green Turtleneck

Available at Zara, priced £25.99.

Zara Plain High Neck Sweater

Available at Belstaff, priced £390.

Belstaff Littlehurst Jumper

Available at ASOS, priced £45.

Selected Homme Turtle Neck Jumper with Fleck

Available at John Smedley, priced £399.

John Smedley Judson in Camel

Available at Mango, priced £45.99.

Mango Stand Collar Merino Wool Sweater

Available at Sunspel, priced £300.

Sunspel Jacquard Knit Roll Neck Jumper

Available at Uniqlo, priced £24.90.

Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino Polo Neck Sweater

Now I hope you are ready for next winter season!!

Stay tuned!



How many shoes in our wardrobe?

Cari lettori,

in questa splendida, quanto calda estate sarà capitato a tutti di intratternersi con il proprio vicino di ombrellone disquisendo del tempo, delle vacanze e perchè no, anche di moda….

Personalmente mi capita raramente di incontrare persone che hanno la mia stessa passione e quando questo succede nasce immediatamente un’empatia che fa sembrare un perfetto estraneo, l’amico di una vita. (more…)

“Villa Torlonia” theatre…walking trought the history

Dear readers,

today, i would speak about the Theatre of “Villa Torlonia”, site in the homonymous villa. Commissioned by Alessandro Torlonia for his wedding, was started building around 1840, but only in 1871 was completed, because of a series of delays and problems that have succeeded. Unfortunately, since ‘900, after the use of the “Villa” was sold to Benito Mussolini, the theatre was slowly leaving in state of neglect, and additionally degraded in the second war world. At least, lasts years, thanks to the agreement betwtin “Comune di Roma” and the Pirelli Culture, the theatre was completely renovated, so that to have been inaugurated December 7 th 2013. (more…)

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