Release outfit F/W 2014-2015

Dear readers,

has been for some time that I wanted to write some thoughts regarding the trends for the next winter season. This autumn we are experiencing goes stylistically featuring some trends that are, in my opinion, should not be underestimated. Of course, I always refer to the masculine world, and in particular to a certain type of “style”, which is the bespoke, dapper, tailored or if you prefer “gentleman style.” In fact, even the best wardrobe you need almost a continuous process of “updating”, which aims to ensure the perfect fit of their garments to the latest trends of the season. The style does not change, but maybe a higher lapel or a new accessory “gratify” the entire outfits, and make it absolutely contemporary and urban.

Pants: update on speech pants is to exaggerate what was said last year here, that more and more tapered length that now no longer even touches the shoe but it is well above a couple of inches. The hem, when present, salt of measuring up to 5, for 6 centimeters. The fund is now a 16 cm low, closer to 15 and 1/2. Recommended regard to buy pants with a small percentage of “elastane” to ensure the passage of the foot without fracture 🙂 The sock is practically banned until the arrival of the first snow!

2014-10-15-10-52-39 milangvfq342014-03-24-12-30-59

Vest: New-entry autumn-winter 2015 (but already seen on the catwalk a few seasons ago), but now it’s on streetstyle, in the windows, and then, wearing overwhelmingly to people. Very beautiful ones in heavy wool, maybe chess, which in some cases are identical to the jacket, in contrast to others. Wear it casually over jeans or on the classic pants. Let’s say a must-have of the season today.

2014-05-13 17.00.13TBD-13TBD-11

Papillon: I’ve already talked in the blog is perfect, combined with the vest but even with only a shirt jacket. The bowtie it has become a cross-head, no longer restricted to certain categories of professionals or artists. At least one plain and one fancy must be present in our closet to be really cool.

2014-06-11 14.24.57DSC01707

Travelbag: has now replaced briefcases, suitcases, and is present every day in look more “right”. I like it because I can put both inside the bag work clothes for the gym and so I am always ready for the business meetings. There are many types of travelbag, for all budgets!

2014-09-30 16.12.34

Key Ring chain: a must-have essential that is conquering many gentlemen, the chain keychain, beautiful to look at and comfortable to not lose the keys is an accessory visual impact that’s going to break the symmetry of the trousers and, if chosen with stones or other materials shiny, it will make the whole outfit special.

imageimage (1)

I will deal with in the future of news in terms of jackets and coats, waiting in my town arrives ‘cold’ and so I can revive my wardrobe for a new fashion season;-)

See you soon!




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