Winter is coming…Wool & Cashmere out of Wardrobe!

Dear readers,

the winter goes on and in this crazy fall season, there have been several “short circuits”. How do I dress? Wool? Cotton? Scarf or not? Wool or cotton socks? These and many more are the questions that our faces reflected in the mirror have set before you leave home in the morning.

Personally, having man at work in my home for almost a month, the problem is amplified. Searching for a necktie can become a difficult task, including hammers, chisels and wardrobe packed as a party! For this reason I still can’t enjoy the new season (climatically speaking), pulling out, as I usually entire wardrobe to choose different combinations… So, this year, more than ever, the temptation go out and buy is strong, and I do not deny that some “crazy” I did it … but we’ll talk soon …:-)

Therefore, having limited access to the wardrobe, I decided to create two different “formal” outfits  that would be fine these days, cold in the morning and warm at lunch, using, for both combinations, trousers gray Tasmanian super 120, a vest, always gray cotton and cashmere, and a tailored blue shirt.

Then i played with jacket, shoes and accessories to create two different combinations on the same basis. I hope you enjoy and as always …

See you soon!


Outfit n.1
Outfit n.2



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