Neapolitan jacket reveals its secrets

I hope your holidays are going well. My left one certainty … are over 🙂

It’s time to return slowly to the usual habits and so, with renewed enthusiasm I take the imaginary process that will tell the world of menstyle, hoping to represent, for the you, a healthy and constructive distraction from own commitments.

Many people asked to me what are the hallmarks of a jacket “Neapolitan”, because today there is much talk of mappine, rollino, sgarzillo and barchetta, but I understand that there is some confusion on the subject and at the bottom, in a few, in front of a jacket are really “prepared”. And so in the shop windows are often read words such as tailored, bespoke, which do nothing but fuel the confusion on the subject.

Of course I do not presume to return the clear sky of the uncertainties in sartorial world, but at least I’m allowed to “pass” a few rays of sunshine, which allows anyone to be able to recognize the specific features that characterize the Neapolitan jacket, true today and must-have in the male wardrobe.

In my previous articles, as well as some historical’ve already identified some of the hallmarks of the Neapolitan jacket, such as the fact that in the single-breasted is a “three buttons but is stretched to two,” he has a high neck and deep side slits, which in many cases may reach 28-30 cm. The patch pocket, however, is at pignata, for its peculiar form, similar to that of a pot. The canvas is light inside, the lining is in the middle or is absent. The shoot (pence) on the front gets to the bottom of the pocket in the chest is a little boat and the buttons on the sleeve are one, for the sporty blazer and two spaced, to the gown. The lapels are wide, usually not less than 8-10 cm.

All clear? Of course not, so I decided to put a magnifying glass on each of these elements, so as to clarify the individual concepts.

If you are interested follow the rest of article here.

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